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Sai Krishna Teja Foundation (SKTF) is a charitable trust, a non Government and non profit organisation working for the welfare of persons with special needs.

SKTF was established in February 2005 and is focused to serve persons with Mental Retardation (MR); Development Delays (DD) and associated disabilities like; Down syndrome (DS); Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Multiple Disability (MD).

SKTF main emphasis is to help the persons with special needs belonging to economically weak and underprivileged section of the society.

Inspiration behind Sai Krishna Teja Foundation is Mr. Krishna Teja himself a special child.



Sai Krishna Teja Foundation provides supportive and rehabilitative services for mentally challenged persons. The focus is on the persons with special needs belonging to economically weak and underprivileged section of the society. The services include Early Identification and Intervention; Continuous Medical Support; Speciality Hospital; Support for mentally challenged individuals and Institutions.



With proper training and assistance, specially abled people (PWID) can live independently like others in the society.

Sai Krishna Teja Foundation is sphere heading this cause by continuous campaign and counselling parents, family members and carers .

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Speciality Hospital for Mentally Challenged
It is very difficult to get medical help for Mentally Challenged Persons in a normal hospital. They have to wait for a long time along with other normal patients. Many of these hospitals are not disabled friendly and lack basic amenities. Hence, SKTF has taken new initiative for establishment of Speciality Hospital for mentally challenged persons in particular poorer sections of the society.
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Teja Rural Mental Health Mission (DOCTORS AT DOOR STEP)
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation reaches out to the mentally challenged persons by providing Doctor at door step. The priority is to provide service to the poor and backward section of society. SKTF team along with Doctors visit the homes of mentally challenged persons and provide them support by way of assessment and medical assistance continuously. For this purpose, SKTF has selected 31 villages of Ghatkesar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District near Hyderabad, India.
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Integrated Township for Mentally Challenged Along with Orphans and Senior Citizens
The parents of mentally challenged persons are always worried ‘What happens to their children’ when they become old and they are no more. This is particularly true for the persons belonging to economically weak and under privileged. The parents are worried about their children’s (PWID) shelter, well being, social and financial security. Parents want to be assured that their children (PWID) will be in safe hands and taken care after their death.
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Join as a member of community providing services, support, advice and friendship. Persons with special needs and their parents, siblings, cousins, friends, carers, professionals and others can become members.
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Support us through partnerships, employee fundraising, sponsorship for the people with intellectual and developmental disability

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