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“I asked GOD… for all things that I might enjoy in life
  GOD said, No
  I’ll give you life so that you may enjoy all things.”

SKTF helps Persons With Disabilities , their families and organizations working for the welfare of PWDs.

It helps special children by providing support for the formal training by giving school uniform, educational material and instruments etc

It helps in establishment and maintenance of early intervention centers, special schools, vocational training centers, study centers and parent associations for the benefit of intellectually impaired persons.

It helps to establish and maintain hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics for differently abled people.

It supports hospitals and nursing homes including auxiliary units for reception and treatment of mentally challenged person by providing assistance and aid.

Helps to establish an integrated prolonged stay homes or respite care centers for providing opportunity of independent living and better extended training.

Promote inclusive education for mentally challenged person.

Award scholarships/fellowships or grant aid for the purpose of encouraging research work for the benefit of Persons With Disabilities .

Conducting awareness and informative programs for parents and families of special person.

It helps in providing intensive parent counseling to improve the learning environment of PWDs.

It undertake welfare activities like medical camps for general as well as specialized check ups like fits/epileptic seizures, oral health, general health, orthopedic help, ent consultation, blood donation camps, eye donation camps, provide wheel chairs, walkers, calipers, hearing aid, etc for the benefit of intellectually impaired

Helps in rehabilitation of mentally  challenged persons by encouraging self employment, time employment and other various ways to provide dignified living to differently abled people.

Working towards creating barrier free environment for PWDs to facilitate their integration into mainstream activities in society.

Working for the development of better possible opportunities of employment for PWDs through SKTF PLACEMENT CELL.

Conducting Rural Camps for Screening, Awareness and prevention of disabilities.

Workshops and seminars for skill development of professionals working with mentally challenged person.

Free Medical Camp for Intellectually Impaired Person
Sktf organised free medical camp for mentally challenged person on 21st of June, 08 at their office premises in Yellareddy Guda, Hyderabad. Intellectually Impaired person from various parts of Andhra Pradesh got benefited from this medical camp. Total 62 mentally challenged cases availed the specialised services of expert doctors from various department of medicine.

Volunteers from St Anns Girls College, Mehdipatnam and Birlasoft, Hi-tech City helped to organise the event smoothly
Rural Awareness camp
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation conducted rural awareness program in Jagdevpur village on 28th June, 08.Team of Rehabilitation Psychologist, Special Educator and General Physician met the serpanch of Jagdevpur village. Relevant information about early identification of disability and possible management method was explained. SKTF team visited the Primary Health Centre of Jagdevpur and shared information with the staff about educating pregnant mother for prevention of disability. 
Free Homeopathy Consultation for Intellectually Impaired
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised free homeopathy consultation camp for the below 12 yrs mentally challenged kids on 22nd July, 08. Dr Ketan Patel, renowned Homeopath consultant from Ahmedabad contributed his services in the camp. Total 26 MR kids were helped in the camp
Free Psychological consultation
On 2nd August, Sai Krishna Teja Foundation conducted free consultation with clinical psychologist, Dr Venkat Subbaiah at SKTF premises. IQ assessment along with behaviour modification techniques were explained to the visiting parents of mentally challenged kids.
Awareness stalls at Birlasoft campus
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised stall of the products made by mentally challenged person at Birlasoft campus in Hyderabad. Mr Ravinder reddy, Dy GM of Birlasotf, Hyderabad also visited the stall and appreciated the initiative taken by SKTF for the welfare of mentally challenged.   
Awareness stalls at St Ann’s College
SKTF arranged Awareness and sale stall at St Ann’s college for Women, Hyderabad on its silver jubilee celebration on 9-10 September ,08. Principal of the college Sr Y Inyasamma along with all the faculties of the college visited SKTF counter and appreciated the activities of SKTF. Students of the college were educated for the protection of the rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised Free Eye Camp exclusively for Mentally Challenged Person on 23rd September, 08 at its campus in Hyderabad.

Eye specialists from L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad were invited in the camp for the thorough eye examination of Intellectually Impaired persons. Total 99 needy cases got benefited from this eye camp.

Awareness stall at G.Narayamma Institute of Technology and Sciences (GNITS)
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised awareness stall at GNITS, Shaikhpet, Hyderabad on 17th - 18th October, 08. Awareness regarding prevention of disability was given to engineering students of the college. Items made of recycled papers were also displayed during the stall.
Free Medical Camp for Differently Abled Kids
On the occasion of world disability week, Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised free medical camp for mentally challenged persons on 8th December, 08. It was organised in the campus of PAWMWNCAP, Mehdipatnam were total 98 differently abled persons were attended by a team of three General Physicians. HB and Blood grouping test were also done for all the differently abled beneficiaries.
Free Medical Camp for Mentally Challenged
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised free medical camp for developmentally challenged person on 21st February, 09 at SKTF Campus, Hyderabad.

Total 64 beneficiaries availed the services during the medical camp. Consultant specialists provided their kind services to mentally challenged person.
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation conducted therapist camp for intellectually challenged person on 07-03-09 at SRI GURU SANKALPAM, Vocational Training and rehabilitation centre for special children, Shivam Road, Hyderabad.
Free medical camp on World Health Day
On the occasion of World Health Day, Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised free medical camp for differently abled kids on 7th April, 09. It was organised in a special school, Sampurna at Mallakpet, Hyderabad
Home based program for special children
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation is conducting home based program for intellectually challenged persons. Objective of the program is to educate the parents of special children for early detection and referral rehabilitative services for the benefit of special person.
Community based rehabilitation (CBR) program
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation is organising CBR Program to improve the community support for mentally challenge person and their family. Objective of the program is to bring awareness in community for prevention, early identification and early intervention for disability. Mainstreaming of special children is also promoted during CBR Program.
Rural Awareness Program
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation organised Rural Awareness program at Pudur village in R R Dist. Andhra Pradesh on 6th June, 09. Objective of the program was to generate awareness among rural population regarding prevention, early identification and rehabilitation of disability. 
Sai Krishna Teja Foundation (SKTF) in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society organized Free Medical Camp for intellectually challenged person on 20-06-09 at SKTF campus in Hyderabad. Doctors who contributed their kind services include General Physician, Paediatrician, Dentist, Ophthalmologist, clinical psychologist and rehabilitation therapist. Complete blood picture test along with blood grouping test was conducted for all the beneficiaries. Total 123 special persons from age group 2years to 45 years got benefited from the medical camp.
SKTF is supporting 21 mentally challenged kids from Sampurna School for special children, Malakpet for their education, therapies and medicine. All special kids are between 6 years to 17 years and staying in the slum areas of Hyderabad.
SKTF is supporting 22 mentally challenged kids for their education, training and medicine. They all are studying at Aashayam special school, Maula Ali, Hyderabad and belong to families who are below poverty line.
SKTF is organizing home based program every month for mentally challenged persons. Objective of the program is to assess the need of the mentally challenged person, help the family with information on home environment restructuring for the benefit of child and generate awareness for prevention, early detection and early referrals for management of disability. During the home based program, qualified rehabilitation professionals visit houses of special children and empower the family with information on Government pension to persons with disability and other benefits and concessions to mentally challenged person. The program focuses on giving information to the family about the Rights of mentally challenged person according to PWDs Act and help for developing community support for the special child and the family.


SKTF organises sensitization program for people from various section of society. Objective of the program is to sensitize civil society for the cause of disable. Participants are empowered with the information on prevention, early detection and rehabilitation of disability. Various section of society includes school teachers, college students, corporate house employees, Government employees, religious and regional groups, medical staff of various hospitals and nursing colleges.

Programs already conducted for GNITS, Hyderabad, Deloitte, Hyderabad, and Birlasoft, Hyderabad.
SKTF organises awareness building and skill development program for Anganwadi workers, Asha workers and Primary health centres non technical staff in rural and semi urban areas. Objective of such program is to strengthen such service providers to make rural population aware about prevention of disability, early detection, early referral and possible rehabilitation help to needy person with disabilities. Qualified and registered rehabilitation professionals take sessions during such programs.

On 1st August, 09, one such program was organised at Mandal office premises, Medchal for the anganwadi workers of four mandals, Medchal, Shameerpet, Qutubullahpur and Keesara of RR District, Andhra Pradesh.

Total 156 workers along with 6 supervisors of ICDS Project, Medchal attended the program.
SKTF organised free health camp for physically and mentally challenged person of Medchal mandal on 28-08-09 at Mandal office campus, Medchal.

Total 95 persons with disabilities attended the camp. General physician, orthopaedic consultant, speech & hearing consultant, dentist, special educator and rehabilitation psychologist contributed their kind services during the camp. Free District Bus Passes were issued by AP State Transport Corporation to mentally and physically challenged persons during the camp.

State Bank of Hyderabad supported to conduct the program.
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