Early Identification and Intervention

If the disability is detected early i.e. from birth to three years, then with early intervention services the effects of disability can be reduced. They can be made independent in life skills like; Toilet, Taking Bath, taking Food, etc., on their own. The support and services is provided free of cost to the poor and backward section of the society.

The early intervention services include

Identification of child with disability with help of trained health worker, child care workers, social workers and SKTF mentors and volunteers
Refer the child to SKTF Speciality Hospital for assessment of evaluation by team of Doctors
Determine the course of action and help needed for the specific need of the child to learn life skills
Educate the parents and design specific programme and train the parents to help their child learning
Home visits by specialists regularly for follow up action
Record the progress of the child
After developing life skills, refer the child to school for special education
Finance the child for special education where ever necessary