Who is SK Teja

Krishna Teja is a Down syndrome child. Teja was also affected with TB at early stage. On the 21st day of his birth, the doctor informed that the child is born with Down syndrome and cannot be normal like other children. Doctor also told the parent that TB can be cured by continuous medication for next 5 years. Teja’s growth was effected and he developed liver problems. Teja has also lot of health issues. He was practically bed ridden up to age of 7 years.

From the eighth year, Teja’s physical condition improved. Teja was sent to special school and with the guidance of teachers he slowly learnt all life skills like Brushing, going to toilet, washing himself, taking bath, dressing himself, and taking food on his own, learning dance, going to Gym and temple.

Teja was encouraged to do things independently. Teja’s father took along with him wherever he went. He is never ashamed of his son’s condition.

At the age of 18 years Teja was sent to the office for training vocational skills. He does Photocopying and scanning of documents. He is regular and punctual in attending office. Over the years Teja showed excellent progress.

He is always smiling and fun loving. He loves music and dances with ease. He is very popular among colleagues and neighbours.

Teja’s father always wanted that his son should be independent. On 28th June 2014, Teja started living independently in Two Bedroom Flat away from his parents. He is independent in every aspect except cooking.

He is inspiration to similar children. If proper special training is given to these children from early age, they can learn and be able to do life skills on their own.